Singapore Taxi Company Sees Two Babies Born in its Cabs In a Single Week

The labors were apparently short and sweet, given how little time it takes to traverse the island nation.
July 15, 2020, 10:18am
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Amid the doom and gloom of the global COVID-19 pandemic, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that, in spite of it all, life finds a way. It’s even nicer to be reminded twice.

A cab company in Singapore this week announced that two babies had been born in its cabs on the way to hospital in just a matter of days.

Transport giant ComfortDelGro, which operates the majority of the island nation’s cabs, shared the heartwarming stories of the surprised cabbies and expectant mothers who couldn’t quite make it to their destination in time in an Instagram post. (Both labors were apparently short and sweet, given that it rarely takes more than 20 minutes to get anywhere in the Little Red Dot.)

The first miracle birth took place on May 27, though ComfortDelGro only disclosed it on Wednesday. The mother, one Mrs. Lindberg, welcomed a baby boy in the backseat of driver Hanafiah Ismail’s car, said ComfortDelGro in an Instagram post.

A week later, on the morning of June 3, fellow cabbie Lim Wee Beng, 63, accepted a booking from a couple bound for a local children’s hospital.

“Somehow he had a hunch that it would be an emergency,” the company said in its post.

Sure enough, his passenger, identified as Mrs. Sim, went into labor as his car drove along the expressway.

According to the company, Lim’s own parental instincts kicked in, keeping him calm and composed.

“He quickly advised Mr. Sim to call the hospital to prepare for their arrival and to take note of the time of birth,” ComfortDelGro said.

“I have never in my eight years of driving experience encountered such a situation in my taxi,” Lim was quoted as saying. “In challenging times such as this pandemic, being able to witness new life is a joyous occasion and I am happy that both mother and child are safe and well. I was glad to be of help.”