Eat with Your Hands at PowerHouse

Powerhouse is having a release party for Zak Pelaccio's new anti-utensil manifesto, 'Eat with Your Hands.'

If you're planning on being hungry, bored, and lonely in New York City on this lovely Tuesday evening, you should realize how much of a pessimistic, insufferable asshole you are and rectify all three situations by heading to powerHouse Arena in DUMBO tonight anytime between 6 and 9. There you'll find a book release party for Zak Pelaccio's new anti-utensil manifesto Eat with Your Hands. Naturally, there will be food from Zak's very own Fatty 'Cue, booze, and a special performance by Woods. It's the only free thing in the city that's going to beat whacking your pud or watching Downton Abbey for the 30th time, so make the right choice. More info can be found in the text encircling the psychedelic depiction of Mr. Pelaccio.

powerHouse Arena
37 Main Street
Brooklyn, NY
6 - 9 PM