Electric Independence - JD Samson

JD Samson is the awesome, pubestachio'd beat-maker behind Le Tigre and MEN, and the leading lesbian of her charitable volunteer group Dykes Can Dance.

Most people who know JD Samson know her as the awesome, pubestachio’d beat-maker for the once-sorely-missed and now-thrillingly- reunited Le Tigre. A select few are also fans of her recent electro project, MEN; a selecter few remember her collaboration with Brendan Fowler, New England Roses, and the befuddling, barcode-ridden cover of their one album; and a selectest few of all have had their lives touched by her work in Dykes Can Dance, a charitable volunteer group dedicated to sharing the gift of ass-moving with the unfortunates of New York’s dance-impoverished lesbian scene. While some may naysay the wide-reaching social impact of her efforts, we too share JD’s belief in the “radical potential of dance music,” and look forward to the day when a statue of her and her synths takes its rightful place in New York’s parks system alongside Mahatma Ghandi and Giuseppe Garibaldi.