The Noisey Guide to Partying in Mexico When You Don't Speak Spanish

An essential dictionary for gringos who like to get down.
January 17, 2018, 7:23pm
All photos by Marcelo Quiñones

A version of this article originally appeared on Noisey en Español. Leer en Español.

Mexico City is one of the party capitals of the world. With its wealth of nightclubs, excellent DJs, and first class events, it's become one of the new favorite destinations for travelers in search of tacos, tequila, and electronic music.

According to our colleagues at Noisey en Español, the locals have a real gift of gab, which it can make things quite complicated for visiting foreigners. Fortunately, the team has created the only dictionary you'll need to survive the city's nightlife scene, including basic phrases to familiarize any _gringo—_and any accent—with the local slang.

Simply spell aloud the following letters and words:

For greeting people: Para saludar

KEY PEE THOUGH (¿qué pedo?) = Hello
KEY ON THAT (¿qué onda?) = What's up?
ALL AH CAR ANAL (hola carnal) = Hello, buddy
COME O AND ASS (¿cómo andas?) = How you doing?
ME JAM OH (Me llamo) = My name is
WAY (Güey)= Dude
KEY ASS S (¿qué haces?) = What you doing?

To make a plan: Para armarla

BAM O NOSE THE PEDAL (vamonos de peda) = Let's party
ARM ALLAH PEDAL (arma la peda) = Plan a party
DONE THE S L PRICK O PAY O (¿dónde es el precopeo?) = Where is the pregame?
ANT THROW (antro) = Club
JAZZ SEA ARM O (ya se armó) = It's set
DONE THE S LAW PEDAL (¿Dónde es la peda?) = Where is the party?
THIS MAD DRESS (Desmadres) = Wild parties
BAM US ALL CORN C AIR TOE (vamos al concierto) = Let's go to the concert

On the rave: En el rave

KEY N S L DJ (¿Quién es el DJ?) = Who is the DJ?
KEY N BAT O CAR (¿Quién va a tocar?) = Who is going to play?
DONE THE S ELLE RAVE (¿Dónde es el rave?) = Where is the rave?
BAM US AH O TRUE S N ARE I O (Vamos a otro escenario)= Let's go to another stage
Q ANT O Q STAR (¿Cuánto cuesta?) = How much is the entrance?
MAY B O MALL (¿Me veo mal?) = Do I look fucked?
BOO N AH MOOSE E CAN (Buena música) = Are you feeling it?
KNOW EYE SEA NAIL (No hay señal) = There's no signal

For the bar: Para el bar

O TRAP SERVE BE ZAP (otra cerveza) = Another beer
S TOY BOW RAP SHOW (estoy borracho) = I'm drunk
BASS OH RAW HO (vaso rojo) = Red cup
CURE ARE LAW CREW THAT (curar la cruda) = Hangover cure
BAM US AH SHOE PARK (vamos a chupar) = Let's go to drink
TRACK US (t__ragos) = Drinks
SHELL AH (chela) = Beer
GUAC ARE E ARE (guacarear) = To vomit
ON AH MASS (una mas) = One more

For flirting: Para ligar

COME O TEA JAM ASS (¿cómo te llamas?) = What's your name?
BAM US A BY LARK (vamos a bailar) = Let's dance
BEN PACK UP (ven pa' ca) = Come here
MAM SEAT APP (mamasita) = Hot mama
MOO E CALLING N TEA (muy caliente) = Very hot
KEY GUAC POW (que guapo)= Very handsome
AIR MOE ZOO (hermoso) = Gorgeous
BOO N OAT AH (buenota) = Good body
MAY GOOSE TASK (me gustas) = I like you
BEN CONE ME GO (ven conmigo) = Come with me

For survival: Para sobrevivir

DONE THE STAR ELLE VAN E O (¿dónde es el baño?)= Where is the bathroom?
AH WEB OH (a huevo) = Yes
KNEE MAD DRESS (ni madres) = No
TENT GO HAM BREAD (tengo hambre) = I'm hungry
DONE THE S LAW SALLY DAW (¿dónde es la salida?) = Where is the exit?
KEY AIR O TAK US (quiero tacos) = I want tacos
AH WAH (agua) = Water
BAM US AH DESK CANS AIR (vamos a descansar) = Let's take a rest

For socializing: Para socializar

TEA END S SHE CLASS (¿tienes chicles?) = Do you have gum?
TEA END S SEA GRR US (¿tienes cigarros?) = Do you have a cigarette?
TEA N S END SEND E DOOR (¿tienes encendedor?) = Do you have a lighter?
STAR S ME ROLE AH (esta es mi rola) = This is my song
DAMN ME TOO NUMB AIR O (dame tu número) = Give me your number
KEY BOO N DJ (que buen DJ) = That's a good DJ
MEDIA ASS AH WAH (¿me das agua?) = Can I get a water?

For the afterparties: Para el afterparty

DONE THE LAW C GIG MOE'S (donde la seguimos) = Where
MAY BOY CONE TEA GO (me voy contigo) = Where am I?
PHI STAR N ME CLASS AH (fiesta en mi casa) = Where
NOW BAM US AH DORM EAR (no vamos a dormir) = Where
KEY AIR OH ZEN R (quiero cenar) = I want dinner
SUB ELLE E ALLAH MOOSE E CAN (súbele a la música) = Put the music louder
KEY N MAN EH HAM (¿Quién maneja?) = Who's driving?
DONE THE DO AIR MOE (¿Dónde duermo?) = Where do I sleep?

If you loved Mexico: Por si te enamoraste de Mexico

KEY SHEEP DOE (que chido) = Amazing
KEY PAD DRAKE (que padre) = Awesome/really good
SHEEN GONE (chingon) = Super good
O RAIL S (órales) = OMG/amazing
PERRY ON (perrón) = The best/the coolest
MAMA ALONE (mamalon) = So cool

Bonus words: Palabras extras

MOE TAH (mota) = Weed
NO MAN MESS (No mames) = No way
SHOW TAH (Chota) = Police
COUGH HER (coger) = To have sex
PATCH EH COUGH (pacheco) = Stoned
TACH ASS (tachas) = Pill
COOL OH (culo) = Booty
ROW LAW (rola) = Song
NO MAN CHESS (no manches) = OMG! OH TRAP (otra)= Another one
TURN AH MESS AH (tornamesa) = Turntable
BEEN ILL (vinil) = Vinyl
BEN GUN A MEXICO, CARRY THOSE EX STRANGE HER US (Vengan a México queridos extranjeros) = Come to Mexico, lovely foreigners!