The Oscar for Weirdest-Sounding Laugh Goes to Kawhi Leonard

The Toronto Raptors' quiet star described himself as a fun guy at NBA media day, and let out the most awkward laugh imaginable.

by Kyle Cantlon
Sep 24 2018, 5:21pm

Screen capture via TSN

Kawhi Leonard is a Toronto Raptor, and joining the two-time Defensive Player of the Year on his new squad is, apparently, one of the weirdest sounds ever to come out of a human face.

Not only does he speak—despite years of speculation pegging Kawhi as a literal mute—but it's also now confirmed that Leonard does indeed possess and emit real human emotions and feelings, such as happiness, sadness, confusion, anger, and laughter.

Wait, this is laughter, right?

The epic laugh reveal came during the league's annual preseason media day on Monday, when Kawhi, along with Danny Green, the other piece of the DeMar DeRozan deal, were introduced in Toronto for the first time since the blockbuster mid-July trade with the Spurs. The pair along with president Masai Ujiri took to the podium to kick off the day's festivities, and the first public words uttered out of Kawhi's mouth as a Toronto Raptor were nothing short of brilliant.

"I'm a fun guy," Leonard said, with (I think?) a slight grin grabbing some real estate on his face.

It wasn't all smiles and chuckles on this day, no, no, no—the former NBA Finals MVP spit out some surprisingly deep shit at points during the presser, too. Asked if he sees his time in Toronto as a long-term play or a one-year stop, Kawhi came with the heat:

"If you look toward the future, you're going to trip over the present."

So, it turns out that on top of possessing one of the stingiest defensive games in the NBA, Kawhi also owns, easily, the wackiest laugh in sports, while apparently boasting some seriously philosophical chops, too.

Versatility, man. Versatility.

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