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Zola Jesus and Deem Spencer Will Be in Boston and You Should Be, Too

Noisey is returning with our JanSport Bonfire Session and this time we're closing out summer with a bang. It's free, so what's your excuse?

by Noisey Staff
Sep 6 2018, 4:06pm

Hear any great live music lately? What about great live music without the confines of a cramped venue? Whether you answered yes or no to those questions, you'll need to make your way over to Noisey's JanSport Bonfire Sessions. The next installment is heading to Boston to cap the summer off with performances by dark pop diva Zola Jesus and cerebral Queens rapper Deem Spencer. It's happening at Dewey Square Park, on Saturday, September 15. There'll be two great artists and a bonfire, so make sure to RSVP. We even had s'mores last time. Did we mention that it's all free? It might be your last time enjoying live music outdoors, so please, do the right thing here.

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Zola Jesus
Deem Spencer