Modern Art

A Russian Artist Draws a Surreal Pastel Mystery World

With bold lines and a strong vision, Russian artist Andrey Kasay is a slice of Instagram levity.

by Diana Shi
Jul 2 2017, 11:30am

All images courtesy the artist

The cartoonist and animator, Andrey Kasay, gets ahold of the modern sentiments through his amusing and tongue-in-cheek pop art compositions and animated works. Striking a balance between absurdist and pop art, Kasay's illustrations are satirical and design-savvy optical illusions.

Armed with a strong funny bone and an eye-catching appreciation for proportion, Kasay makes an argues that you can express artistic inclination and still offer tongue-in-cheek opinions on modern society. The artist's life experiences have contributed to his whimsical form of artistry. He says, "There was a vague time—I lived in Far East Russia, wandering, sleeping in a boat—there I [eventually] met a Dingo dog. She [the Dingo] taught me a lot of things, we ate together, had fun, and danced like dogs. That was cool then I moved to Moscow and started to draw."

Kasay admits he is not a fan of derivations, and mostly bases his ideas for his loud and decisively-drawn designs from what is swirling inside his head: "I don't really search for inspiration, I think it exists. Like everything that surrounds me—trees, house, cars, old woman with a bag, dog and bread. I love it when it's beautiful and ugly, and in the point when they meet—here is where my art lives."

To see more from Andrey Kasay, visit his website and his Instagram page.


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