Stunning Collages Meld Vintage Glamour Shots with Colorful Pixels

Anthony Gerace asserts a collaged, colorblocked aesthetic throughout the nearly 150 pages of his new photography book.

by Diana Shi
Jul 8 2017, 11:35am

All image courtesy the artist

Filling nearly 150 pages within a monolithic photography book, London-based artist Andrew Gerace updates vintage photos from the 1950s with verve. Independent book publisher, Aint-Bad, presents Geraces's latest collection of collages in And Another Thing which features images of happy faces pasted-on smiles gaze back with a menacing intensity while bright strips of color act as a blindfold, covering the eyes of the photographs of models and movie stars. Foremost in the artist's work is the importance of proportion and showcasing the human expression, either flanked on each side with pop art or crowded by pool-floor tiles.

Gerace, who has been practicing collage for five years, spoke to Creators about where he draws most of his inspirations. He says, "I've been mostly interested, in my practice, in how time affects the image and what the image says, especially in images of people. Most of the source material I use is from the 40s and 50s, an era that is so far, ideologically, linearly, and imagistically, from the present day as to look like another world. Because of that, images from those eras already have a sense of nostalgia about them, and by reconfiguring those images, I feel I bring out the inherent melancholy and strangeness of them, while also very explicitly commenting on their inability to truly preserve anything about the subjects they are trying to capture."

To pre-order your own copy of Gerace's photography book And Another Thing, visit the book publisher's website, here.


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