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FNP Paints Pastel Visions of Summer Sunsets With "Somewhere South"

Stream the East London producer's airy, acid-fizzing new single.

by Krystal Rodriguez
Jul 7 2017, 2:37pm

Photo courtesy of artist

For those love the idea of beach sunbathing, yet are prone to turning into a boiled lobster upon stepping outside, UK producer FNP (Fake Name Preferably) has a new track with all the warm bliss and zero risk of peeling.

The laid-back "Somewhere South" evokes pastel visions of summer sunsets, combining soothing piano lines with soft conga rhythms and shimmering effects. About halfway in, an acid bassline laps up to the forefront, adding a carbonated punch before fizzing back out into airy ambiance.

"Somewhere South" was recorded in South London, according to a press release, and was inspired by nights spent at music venue Corsica Studios. Over email, FNP told THUMP how the track came together.

"It's kinda two tracks that somehow became one really," he said. "I wrote the acid bassline as an idea for something much heavier and then on one of my rare, bright moments, decided it could work with a piano structure I'd written. Chuffed with how it came out though, quite light and summery, but also with some tricky production stuff for the heads."

Listen to "Somewhere South" below or on Spotify.

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