Horny Venom Fans and Horny Ted Bundy Fans Are Going to War

They want to bang two very different kinds of monsters.

by River Donaghey
Jan 30 2019, 5:00pm

Venom screenshot via trailer. Bundy image by Bill Frakes/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images.

Every year, at least a few weird-ass movie monsters come along and inadvertently stir up deep sexual longing in a few horny folks online. There were the people who wanted to fuck the clown from IT, the ones who lusted over Venom's tongue, and the small but vibrant online community that all dreamed of eating the Grinch's green ass.

Recently, some internet horndogs began lusting over Ted Bundy, thanks to a new Netflix doc and Zac Efron's disturbingly hot portrayal of the serial killer in an upcoming biopic—and now the Bundy fuckers are in a massive flame war with the Venom fuckers online, AV Club reports.

Apparently, the whole thing started when some horny Bundy fans tried to argue that their love for the real-life rapist and murderer was just the same thing as wanting to fuck Venom. Venom fans swiftly piled on to say, hey, no—actually, it's not.

The horny Venom fans just kept piling on.

Even Netflix jumped in to try to tame the Bundy love:

Sure, it may seem strange, at first blush, to want to smash an alien symbiote with teeth like a deep-sea fish, but ultimately, who cares? The complexities of human desire are a dense and tangled web, and besides, Venom and Pennywise and the Grinch are all fictional characters, so the fantasies are just fantasies. Not to take sides here, but it gets a little more complicated when people start wanting to fuck actual monsters like Bundy.

Between Netflix and the Venom stans, it seems like the Bundyites might be on their way to losing this round. But knowing how the internet works, the battle will probably just continue to rage until everyone suddenly decides they want to fuck the Joker or suck on the Genie's topknot in the upcoming Aladdin movie or whatever.

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