Mike Smith of 'Trailer Park Boys' accused of sexual assault

A VICE News investigation found a woman reported Smith to police in 2005. Smith denies the allegations and no charges were filed.

by Hilary Beaumont
Mar 1 2019, 7:48pm

Mike Smith, who plays Bubbles on the show Trailer Park Boys, was accused in 2005 of sexually assaulting a teenager.

A woman alleges that in 2005 when she was 18 and out with her friends in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, she met Smith, then 32, at a bar. She says after she showed Smith her fake ID, he bought drinks for her and her friends, who were also 18 and under the legal drinking age of 19. She later told police Smith sexually assaulted her at his home.

Police interviewed Smith, but didn't press charges. The woman declined to go forward with her complaint after a police officer told her "fingers could be pointed" at her for being in a bar underage.

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