NBC Just Made a 'Good Place' Spinoff Miniseries About the Bad Place

It's basically a workplace comedy about demons.

by River Donaghey
Sep 16 2019, 3:58pm

screenshot via trailer

The Good Place, the only brilliant series left in the barren wasteland that is network TV, is almost gone for good. NBC will premiere its final season later this month, beginning the tragic trek towards the show's conclusion, but it looks like NBC is throwing us a little something extra on our way to the Good Place afterlife. The network just surprise-released a Good Place spinoff miniseries set in the Bad Place, and you can watch the entire thing on the NBC app right now, Deadline reports.

The six-episode series, called The Selection, is basically a workplace comedy about demons—and it's set between the end of season three and the start of season four, like a Good Place version of Rogue One.

Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't seen the show's last season for some reason, here's a recap: The finale ended with Maya Rudolph's Judge agreeing to let Michael build a new neighborhood to prove that humans can change for the better, but there's a catch: the demons get to pick the human subjects for the test. Look, the fact that a sitcom about ethics and moral relativity can actually exist on primetime in 2019 is almost mind-boggling. This show will be missed.

The Selection follows Michael's demon rival, Shawn, as he and his coworkers in Hell (yes, including that molten lava man) decide which people to pick. The whole series is penned by Good Place writers and gives the guy who plays Shawn, Marc Evan Jackson, a chance to finally be more than just a standout supporting character in a show spilling over with standout supporting characters. It may not be another few seasons of The Good Place, but at this point, let's just take what we can get.

The fourth and final season of The Good Place premieres September 26.