John Cena Is a Robot Space Trucker in a New YouTube Originals Show

‘Dallas & Robo’ is all about hard drinking rednecks tearing ass through the stars.

by Matthew Gault
May 18 2018, 7:34pm

John Cena's charisma is so powerful that he’s managed to make me interested in Dallas & Robo—an upcoming animated show about a brash, hard drinking space trucker and her loyal robot partner—that’s set to air on YouTube Red, YouTube’s original content line.

Cena is a great draw, but I’m always excited to watch any show or play any game that’s about normal people tooling around the stars. That’s one of the best parts of Futurama, part of the draw of Firefly, and what initially made me fall in love with StarCraft. I like the look of a future where normal people are doing normal people things in fantastic surroundings.

Kat Dennings stars along Cena in Dallas & Robo. She’s a hard drinking former stock car driver and he’s an “overly sensitive AI.” Together the two run a trucking business that travels the stars gets into trouble. It’s a good setup for an animated show and I’ll check it out when it premieres on May 30.