People Explain Why Their Job Sucks in Six Words

"Despite hammering, glass ceiling still intact."

by Anna Goldfarb
Oct 5 2017, 6:24pm

Illustrations by Brandon Celi

In our modern employment landscape, it's rare to find a perfect fit. Long hours, gnarly co-workers, commuting woes, thorny office politics, crabby managers; there are plenty of reasons a job can suck. Working from home can be a drag too—the only stimulation you get is from asking your cat if she's a good girl (she is), and tracking down payments from dodgy clients can be a massive, time-consuming headache. That in mind, we asked friends and co-workers why they despise their gig. Here's what they said.

"Boss's son microwaves tuna in pouches." - Ben, 31

"Despite hammering, glass ceiling still intact." - Joan, 31

"Full-time demand, part-time pay." - Emily, 26

"Old managers don't believe youths' experience." - Elizabeth, 30

"Boss calls me 'the little mommy.'" - Anna, 30

"Achieved satisfaction only pleasing higher-ups." - Jill, 27

"Baby calls the shots, 24/7." - Charlie, 27

"As an introvert, networking sucks ass." - Jill, 33

"Boss over shoulder all damn day." - Brittany, 25

"Because I have to wear pants." - Suzanne, 32

"Saying 'I tip well!' and don't." - Claire, 28

"My American boss thinks she's British." - Kate, 31

"Bros call shots, women stuck executing." - Clarice, 32

Illustration by Brandon Celi

"My phone is infested with cockroaches." - Shannon, 39

"The year-round A Christmas Story quoting." - Tom, 40

"Too much work, too little pay." - Jackie, 34

"Boss monitors my 15-minute breaks." - Beth, 23

"Late hours, long commute, idiot boss." - Kiki, 33

"Customers complain about EVERY LITTLE THING." - Joel, 34

"Forced into racially profiling people." - Zachary, 29

"Higher ups are out of touch." - Leo, 27

"Veteran employees have sense of entitlement." - Tony, 35

"Lawyers egos are off the charts." - Preti, 33

"Boss can't stand anyone who disagrees." - Annie, 36

"Baby boomers need everything on paper." - Francisco, 27

"Justifying my rate to the cheapskates." - Jill, 33

"Fighting fires relentlessly. Crying. No support." - Emma, 30

"Not paid enough for this shit." - Kate, 26

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