People Told Us How They Found Out Their Partner Cheated in Six Words

"Reading novel he wrote about it."

by Anna Goldfarb
Sep 29 2017, 4:42pm

There's no perfect way to find out your partner stepped out of your relationship. Whether the ego-bruising, heartbreaking news was learned through your partner's social media slip-ups or other forms of so-called digital lipstick, sloppy planning oversights, or their just blurting out a confession, the infidelity always stings. We asked friends and co-workers to sum up how they found out their significant other cheated in six words. Here's what they said.

"I had a dream about it." - Morgana, 30

"Reading novel he wrote about it." - Sophie, 35

"I had the worst stomachache: chlamydia." - Eileen, 25

"Fucker called me by her name." - Leia, 29

"He kept liking her Instagram pics." - Iris, 32

"Left his diary open on table." - Porcelina, 28

"Found condoms in his gym bag." - Kelli, 27

"Came home early. They were fucking." - Brad, 29

"Forgot to untag himself (Facebook photo)." - Dana, 29

"New email: She booked the B&B." - Carli, 33

"Saw photos of them on Facebook." - Kelsey, 27

"He left his email open for me." - Kylara, 32

"My friend saw his Match profile." - Melanie, 46

"He drunk dialed while it happened." - Mikaela, 27

"On Tinder while next to me." - Kat, 28

"Paid her for dinner on Venmo." - Ashley, 26

"I smelled strange perfume on him." - Sara, 32

"Co-worker revealed who his mistress was." - Carrie, 35

"Why am I covered in glitter." - Genevieve, 29

"FetLife alert screen on his phone." - Melanie, 46

"Confessed after we bought the ring." - Amanda, 31

"Girl complimented his spaghetti on MySpace." - Eleanore, 34

"Matched to my friend on Tinder." - Renee, 47

"Roommate told me she fucked him." - Doris, 33

"'Michael Jackson died... Also, I cheated.'" - Sam, 25

"His ex texted: 'I bought condoms.'" - Julia, 29

"His best friend's fucking Snapchat story." - Savannah, 24

"Friend called. He got someone pregnant." - Ella, 26

"Found her shoes under his bed." - Julia, 36

"Checked his phone. Found her boobs." - Justine, 32

"Found a Craigslist Missed Connections post." - Violet, 29

"He told me while we snuggled." - Lauren, 36

"Found her vibrator in our Airbnb." - Lauren, 33

"Their social media posts and updates." - Monika, 35

"He confessed to me while drunk." - Liz, 29

"He snapchatted me a video. Idiot." - Sara, 21

"Followed the dummy to her house." - Penny, 35

"Dumped me, needed a 'clear conscience.'" - Joanne, 32

"Asked him. He lied. Asked again." - George, 39

"Video of her on her knees." - Shannon, 32

"Met his fiancée at a party." - Celeste, 29

"Psychotic new girlfriend sent me emails." - Ellen, 33

"He was married. I should've known." - Brittany, 32

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