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Smoking Weed with an Aquarius is Like Being Abducted by Aliens

Most likely to Instagram while high from an invite-only art show at Joshua Tree

by Sophie Saint Thomas
Apr 16 2018, 5:44pm

We consulted astrologers on how each sign can get as high as the stars. Read about the other signs here.

Aquarians love psychedelics. An Aquarius friend is the one in an insane outfit, ethereally smoking a joint while asking you to join them on a trip to the desert to try some niche designer drug. "Smoking weed with an Aquarius is like being abducted by aliens. Like, you probably will be abducted by aliens if you smoke weed with an Aquarius. They have this transcendental ambiance makes time feel like it's standing still, or maybe it's the loud," horoscope writer Randon Rosenbohm says.

Aquarius people love variety and are quite eclectic, and they’re usually brainstorming their next global takeover—which getting high only escalates. "They are the dream makers of the Zodiac, so they are kind of crazy because they are always thinking of the next project. They’re the innovators," astrologer Lisa Stardust says. However—especially if the Aquarius is ultra fond of kush—whether or not that innovation comes to fruition is questionable. An Aquarius will call you stoned with an over-the-top plan, and when you bring it back up later, they’ll already be busy with something else. "They're really playful and will want to do something creative or collaborative if they get high. Smoke weed with an Aquarius and they'll like convince you to make a movie or embark on a grand project with them. But it probably won't happen unless you're both extremely functional stoners," Rosenbohm says.

Stoner Superlative: Most likely to Instagram while high from an invite-only art show at Joshua Tree

Best Strain: Blue Dream (full-body sativa-dominant hybrid)

Worst Strain: Cannatonic (cloudy hybrid)

Best Way to Get High: While sitting in the passenger seat, dangling a joint out the window, on a road trip

Best High Activity: Talk politics

Recommended Product: Mondo dissolving cannabis powder