Escape from Infinite Content with Fake Palms’ Hazy “I’m Not There”

The video features Spot the Dog, known rock 'n' roller.

by Jill Krajewski
Aug 24 2017, 4:15pm

Photo by Cristina Naccarato

Ever have a hangover walk on a bright summer day? It's a near-blinding, invigorating reminder that you're incredibly human (and maybe shouldn't have rewatched 24 Hour Party People at 1 AM) but damn it, at least you're present. Toronto's Fake Palms walk a line between post-punk and psychedelia that captures this hangover, hurting moment of clarity through chaos yet brightness. It's fully realized on their latest song "I'm Not There," a warm guitar and bass-heavy haze with chiming riffs and electronics that pierce through the distortion like sunlight.

Singer and guitarist Michael le Riche explains that the song goes in on a different kind of hangover: "'I'm Not There' is a meditation on modern society and where we're at as a whole. It's not a political statement by any means, it's us trying to find our place while feeling completely alienated among consumer culture and the general egomania of the selfie generation." With production by Holy Fuck's Graham Walsh, "I'm Not There" is a hell of a trip made all the more vivid with a visual, directed by Maria Bui, that warps cartoon dog icon Spot into a colorful acid dream.

You can hear more of Fake Palms' melodic post-punk madness on their upcoming record Pure Mind, out September 15 on Buzz Records and Pleasence Records. Get over your content hangover with "I'm Not There" below, and go see Fake Palms on tour if they're heading your way.

Jill Krajewski is a writer living in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter.