Ex-Junkies Making Junkies

Indonesian Drug Addicts Made Us Some Sandals

Back when we were in Indonesia hanging out with the Warias, we stopped over in Jakarta to meet a group of female recovering drug addicts who make shoes called Junkies. Ex-Junkies making Junkies!

Before meeting the ladies, we dropped by a men's rehabilitation centre called Yakita, about 60 km outside Jakarta in an area called Bogor. Here we met a couple called David and Joyce who run both the rehab and the local drop in centre that is home to Junkies shoes. 

At the rehab we sat in on the guys' morning meeting, saw lots of scary-amazing drawings of syringes, and waved hello to two men detoxing inside a locked room while our taxi driver took a quick snooze inside the rehab’s mosque. After that we were taken down the road to the Junkies headquarters.

We spent the day with the ladies, who are all addicts or partners of addicts, playing with pretty batik fabric, smoking a squillion ciggies and finding out that by Indonesian standards I have exceptionally large feet.

We may have been there in the name of fashion but it was a...um... sobering experience. We came away from there feeling pretty lucky to not be a junkie in Indonesia, which, from the girls’ stories, is not fucking easy.

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