Paul Wall Wants to Give Free Custom Grills to American Olympic Medalists

"This is our way of giving back," Wall said.

Aug 23 2016, 4:21pm

Both images via Wikicommons

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Paul Wall is the People's Champ, and now the benevolent rapper is trying his best to spread the wealth around (and once again get the internet goin' nuts) by putting some bling in the mouths of Olympic medalists, ABC 13 reports.

Wall and his business partner, Johnny Dang a.k.a. TV Johnny, are offering free custom gold grills to any American athlete who medaled at the Rio Olympics. It's their unique way to honor the champions, Wall says.

The grills are 18-karat gold and feature a brand new engraving method. Each custom grill will have the Olympic rings and "Rio 2016" etched on them and these fronts "with more karats than Bugs Bunny's lunch" won't be sold in Dang's store. "This is our way of giving back," Wall told ABC 13.

Dang and Wall offered up congratulatory grills back in 2012 after the London Olympics, but only for gold medalists. Dang famously made the diamond encrusted American flag grill sported by human Jaegerbomb Ryan Lochte at those games.

No word yet if any of the 121 American medalists from the Rio games will take the duo up on their offer.

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