Recap: Stealing a Glance Inside the Black Market

Last Thursday, VICE teamed up with Espolòn tequila to re-imagine the black market as an actual underground market complete with (reverse) pickpockets, counterfeit goods, chill beats, and lots of tequila.

Nov 11 2014, 3:22pm

​Photos by Emily Winiker 

With no venue named on the invite, guests were told to meet in an alleyway on North 11th St in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Inside, they were handed a wallet of "currency" and a map for navigating the labyrinthine space. Market stalls offered up rare goods for bargain, including a limited edition zine called PSST... designed by artists Petra Collins, Miyako Bellizzi, Ray Potes of Hamburger Eyes, Andrea Sonnenberg, and 8-Ball. Bars mixed up signature Espolòn cocktails, like the Mexican Mule, and DJs Physical Therapy and Drop the Lime let the energy build.

In "The Back Room," a live portrait painter and gambler lured people to gamble and haggle for more Espolòdollars. Characters walking through the crowds stuffed dollars into strangers' pockets or handed out golden dollars, which granted access to the most hidden spot of all: the secret Añejo tasting bar. 

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