Sarah Pannell's Un-noticed Places

With BAs in International relations and photography, Sarah applies considered thought to what she's shooting.

by Heather Lighton
Dec 16 2014, 12:45am

People are forever being called the People's Photographer, but Sarah Pannell has taken out the People's Choice award twice at the IPF Festival so she can probably claim it. She's a self-described "educated photographer" with BAs in International Relations and Photography majoring in documentary, and she applies this considered thought to her work.

Last year she spent 12 weeks traveling alone through Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, and Turkey. The trip resulted in images that focus on the un-noticed parts of Europe that drew Sarah's attention. Each shot in this series has thought behind it, each draws your eye to the exact place that Pannell thinks it should be. No wonder people keep voting for her photos.

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