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Kids Think Vaping Is Cool, Study Says

Research shows that vape advertisements are coaxing the youth into toking the robot pipe.

by Carlton Férment
Apr 14 2016, 10:25am

Some cool kids smoking in the early 20th century. Photo via Wikimedia

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Like the sweet enticement of the Marlboro Man of yesteryear, the inhaling industry is getting to our kids again—this time in the form of vaping.

A study out of Scotland's Stirling University found that of 4,000 kids ages 11–18, those who remember seeing a display or advertisement for e-cigs were twice as likely to try vaping, HeraldScotland reports.

The most striking thing about this study is that kids think vaping looks awesome, whereas we all know, vapes are just a lame stopgap to giving up smoking, or a hobby for men who stand outside their office buildings staring out into the distance, tasting the flavor of their vanilla and coffee concoctions, wondering when they'll need to replace the atomizer.

The European Union has called for tougher advertising restrictions for e-cigs starting next month to get kids to steer clear of the nicotine fairy lights, so they don't end up like those people who do e-liquid reviews on YouTube.

The study comes a few days after the news that child star and voice of Dora the Explorer, Fatima Ptacek, was suspended from school for vaping at school, again proving that teens really don't know what the fuck is cool.