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Mysterious Lawn Creatures Are Plaguing a California Woman's Yard

Is this a Watcher-style threat? Or just the work of some unruly, but particularly creative, teens?

by Drew Millard
Aug 11 2015, 10:09pm

Screen grab via NBC Los Angeles

Since the end of July, 54 lawn statues have mysteriously appeared in the front yard of a Victorville, California woman. According to NBC Los Angeles, the woman, Robyn Yearout, claims she has no idea why someone might place lawn statues in her yard, but that many of them had been positioned to face her front door, "as if they were plotting against us."

This is one of those local news stories that's so quirky and strange it almost feels like a work of folk art, or a podcast episode. It's got weirdness (see above), needless alarmism (also above), and over-explanation what, on the surface at least, seems simple—"I assumed that instead of being TP'd (toilet-papered) I got yard-creatured," Yearout told NBC.

Is someone targeting Yearout and her family a la the Watcher? Is she the target of an unruly, but particularly creative pack of wild teens? No one seems quite sure.

Through NBC Los Angeles, Yearout noted that she has been in contact with the local sheriff's department, and would like to return the statues to their rightful owner.

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