Why India's Homeless Children Are Choosing to Live Along Kolkata's Busy Train Tracks

Check out the trailer for our upcoming episode of 'VICE' on HBO, airing April 28 at 11 PM.

by VICE Staff
Apr 25 2016, 6:27pm

Watch the trailer for 'VICE' on HBO airing this Friday, April 29 at 11PM

This Friday, April 29, HBO will air a new episode from season four of our Emmy-winning show. Last week, we investigated the living conditions of workers building the Trump International Golf Club in Dubai and China's massive business investments in Africa. This week, VICE dives into Iran's nuclear program and meets the homeless children living on the streets of Kolkata.

In our first segment, VICE founder Shane Smith travels to Tehran to gauge how people's attitudes towards America have changed since the implementation of the recent nuclear deal that lifted economic sanctions crippling the country's economy. He visits the reactor that helped launch Iran's nuclear program and learns about how the energy is being used for medical innovation. Smith then travels to Washington, DC to speak to critics of the deal who question the true goals of Iran's nuclear program.

Then VICE correspondent Thomas Morton heads to India to meet some of the most prominent victims of poverty and inequality—homeless children in Kolkata. He sees how population growth has created tribes of displaced young children who live along the tracks of busy train stations and survive off the sale of used plastic bottles.

Watch the trailer for Friday's episode, and keep an eye out for the rest of season four, airing Fridays at 11 PM, exclusively on HBO. If you want more VICE episodes to carry you through the week, you can watch our entire third season online now.