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Shit... the xx Have Released a 55-Second Song That Sounds Like Valium Feels

...or at least a 55-second snippet of one.

by Lauren O'Neill
Nov 3 2016, 2:09pm

Sensitive indie chillwave fans rejoice: the xx are finally making a return. They have released a snippet of what sounds new material, the first xx music since their last record in 2012.

The musicians behind Coexist and the xx, otherwise known as the album your ex-boyfriend always used to put on to erm, "set the mood," have been recording its follow-up in recent weeks. Last month, they shared a playlist of music they've been listening to in the studio (everyone from Cat Power to Rihanna, if you're interested), and they have since updated it to include an uncredited 55-second clip which, if you ask me, sounds suspiciously like it might form part of a new xx song.

The snippet opens with just a hint of Romy Madley Croft's recognizable-anywhere vocals, and instrumentally it's as sweeping and atmospheric as anything we've heard previously from the London group. Following such a long absence, expectations for new xx music are high, so judge for yourself: you can listen to the snippet below.

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