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Get Behind the Wheel and Floor It: Here's The Big Moon's Video for "Formidable"

The London quartet deliver an attitudinal cut that's equal parts sultry and scuzzy.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Nov 29 2016, 4:39pm

Meet The Big Moon: Four girls from London—Juliette Jackson (guitar/vocals), Soph Nathan (guitar/vocals), Celia Archer (bass/vocals), and Fern Ford (drums)—who make moody, marvelous music that's equal parts Elastica and lo-fi indie rock scuzz. (We first covered them last year.) Below is the video premiere for their song "Formidable," lifted from their debut LP, Love in the 4th Dimension, coming out via Startime on April 7 2017. It begins with a bluesy, almost Anna Calvi-ish-meets-Justine-Frischmann-esque sultriness. Jackson delivers her topline over spare guitars, before the distortion pedal gets stamped on and the girls' plush refrains kick in. Three succinct minutes of pop.

"'Formidable' is a song that's important to us all and it felt like for once, it wasn't appropriate to make a mega fun, LOLZ video," explains singer Juliette Jackson. "That said, we didn't want to make a super earnest band video either. We had a day off in between cities on our autumn tour so we drove to the beautiful Peak District [in England] and smashed out the song in the back of the van. It's a van that we've spent more time in than our own beds over the last year. The wonderful Louis Bhose was once again the creative visionary at the helm of this video. We hope you like it." 

Watch below.

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