RZA Becomes a Monk in a New Photo Series

Take a knee in the hip-hop temple with Nathan Perkel's portraits of the unflinching icon.

by Sami Emory
Jul 24 2015, 8:00pm

Images courtesy of Nathan Perkel. 

RZA the monk meditates in the temple of hip-hop in Nathan Perkel's photoseries for the Wu-Tang Clan member's collaboration with speaker company Boombotix. Perkel's portraiture has captured many an iconic brow, but his shots of the uncompromising producer are simply next to godliness: under warm natural lighting, the photographer elevates his subject to the highest ecclesiastic echelon.

"The idea for the shoot is that RZA is 'Chief Abbott' of Boombotix. Literally," the photographer tells The Creators Project. (With an equity stake in the company, RZA has adopted "chief abbott" as his official corporate title.) "I photographed him in front of a shrine [...] then we followed up with some images of him in the window at the temple," he continues. "All in all he was super friendly, dropping verses while we were shooting and going on tangents about analog synths and samples he’s used over the years." Below, take a knee with RZA the abbott in Perkel's RZA x Boombotix photoseries. 

Click here to see more of Nathan Perkel's photo work. 


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