Invader's Artwork Climbs Aboard The International Space Station

Space: invaded.

by Kevin Holmes
Feb 25 2015, 2:30pm

Images via

With mosaiced pieces that feature pixelated characters from the iconic 8-bit arcade game Space Invaders, and a name like Invader, it's entirely fitting that the French street artist should one day get his work aboard the International Space Station. 

Space2 (seen above) was the piece that made it up there, held against the windows of the Cupola module on the ISS, resting on a control deck, and floating about in zero gravity. Invader has been posting the images to his Instagram over the last few weeks, along with photos of his works that have been popping up all over the European Space Center, European Astronaut Centre, and European Space Agency.

It's not the first time Invader's work has made it into space, either. In August 2012 SpaceOne was attached to a helium balloon and sent into the stratosphere as part of the artist's Art4Space project.

via Reddit / Imgur / Invaderwashere


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