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Justin Cudmore Continues His Steady Streak with an Acid-Drenched Guest Mix

The Brooklyn-based upstart will appear alongside Jared Wilson and DJ Wey at Ridewood's Trans Pecos this weekend.

by David Garber
Oct 17 2016, 7:15pm

Photo courtesy of the artist.

Justin Cudmore's springtime acid release on the San Francisco label Honey Soundsystem, "Crystal," is the type of tune that can put an up-and-coming producer on the map. But what exactly do you do once you're on said map? Well, you do exactly what maps themselves were invented to help people do: you travel around. In the case of DJs, this pertains to scoring as many DJ gigs as possible. Justin Cudmore has been doing just that, gigging mainly within the joyous confines of Brooklyn alongside fellow like-minded artists like Mike Servito and Gunnar Haslam (the trio also sometimes perform together under the name HOT MIX). Servito and Haslam even delivered two respective remixes of Cudmore's "Crystal" that showcased how their various styles click so well.

This upcoming weekend, Cudmore continues his steady streak with a gig alongside two other DJs that share a similar style: Detroit techno figure Jared Wilson and New York's DJ Wey. It's all going down this Saturday at Queens' Trans Pecos—to share with us all a taste of what to expect, Cudmore has sent over a new mix that you can check out below. We also had him answer a few questions you can read after the mix.

THUMP: Can you describe your surroundings a bit when you were a making the mix. What was the weather like? Did you drink or eat something before, or during. Were there cats around? Justin Cudmore: I went over to a friend's place to record [the mix] since I don't have a full setup at home. The weather was warm! I'm still waiting for fall Brooklyn temps. No drinking but did enjoy a bodega sandwich and diet Coke. Sam, my friend's cat, kept a close eye while I was recording.

What's coming up for you production wise?
I just finished a remix with a close friend and am currently working hard to finish my next record. At this point looks like it will be out early next year. I included a track from that record in this mix.

What's exciting you most right now about the NYC nightlife/DJ scene?
It's been exciting to see the DJs and promoters who have put in their time get their due. A lot of people have been in the game for a while, so it's always humbling to go out in New York and be reminded of that. Also lately every weekend has been stacked! sometimes I say i should stay in but why miss the fun.

Can you tell us about a record that's been going over well in your sets as of late?
I really like the new Virginia record. "Ravered" and the dub [version] always gets a good response. Also the new Honey Soundsystem record by Beesmunt Soundsystem is killer because i want to play every track!

Halloween is coming up. What will you dress up as?
I love Halloween but i guess I keep it simple by dressing up as the same thing every year. For six years running I've dress up as a skeleton. I've actually gotten pretty good at the face paint since i've done it so many times now. It's kind of become this thing that my friends give me shit about. Maybe this is the year I break tradition.

Tell us a bit about the gig you have coming up at Trans Pecos.
I'm opening for Jared Wilson this Saturday at Trans Pecos. I think of the handful of gigs I've had this year i'm most nervous for this one! Jared is the real deal and his records help keep the Detroit vibe alive. Also closing the party we have DJ Wey. Grab tickets Jared Wilson, Dj Wey & Justin Cudmore on Resident Advisor.

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