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From Mumdance & Logos to Shanti Celeste, Here Are the Seven Best Things We Heard This Week

Also featuring Slackk, Dark E Freaker and Helix.

by Angus Harrison
Nov 18 2016, 3:15pm

Image via Flickr. This post ran originally on THUMP UK

Congratulations on completing another week you absolute fucking legend mate. This week we've listened to loads of really great music so we thought we'd share it with you. First up, there's a track by Mumdance & Logos, unusually but strangely fittingly titled "Cafe Del Mar", some shimmering italo from Bézier, a lush little roller from Shanti Celeste, and a climatic rework of Machinedrum and D∆WN's "Do It 4 U" by Darq E Freaker. It's also been a great week for longer sessions. Helix turned in an unmissable Caribbean Atlanta mix, the Banoffee Pies crew added to Boiler Room's Upfront series, and Slackk has pulled off the best hour of grime and club music you'll like hear all year on his Winter Tape 16. Suck it up and enjoy your weekend.

1. Mumdance & Logos - Cafe Del Mar

2. Bezier - Purify

3. Shanti Celeste - Dolphin Chant

4. Machinedrum - Do it 4 U ft. D∆WN (Darq E Freaker Remix)

5. Helix - Caribbean Atlanta Mix

6. Upfront 086: Banoffee Pies Records

7. Slackk - Winter Tape 16

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