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Basement Jaxx Brings Their Legendary Live Show to Central Park's Summerstage This July

Do you really need a reason to go to this? Where's your head at man?

by David Garber
May 6 2015, 4:55pm

Not only have the British duo of Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe, AKA Basement Jaxx, been responsible for a plethora of dance anthems like "Where's Your Head At" and "Red Alert," as well as classic albums like Rooty, Kish Kash, and their stellar 2014 return Junto, but their full-band live show (a sensory overload of horns, captivating dancers, and enough visual goodness to make your eyeballs shake) is second to none. This summer, July 1 to be exact, they'll be bringing their live extravaganza to one of New York City's most acclaimed outdoor venues, Summerstage Central Park.

For one night only, the beloved Brits will be invading the most famous park in the entire world for an early evening set, brought to you by THUMP and our party-throwing move-makers over at Meanred. It's also an all-ages event, so the fun to be had can joyously be shared by everyone and anyone. Bring your dad, your little sis—maybe even grandma wants to party?

We're not sure if pets are allowed, but we won't tell anyone if you don't. Get your tickets HERE and we'll see you kids in the park.

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