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Mike Servito and Justin Cudmore Are at it Again on a Remix of Gunnar Haslam's "Scale No Flam"

Brooklyn's HOT MIX crew once again spruce up each other's acid tracks—this time on Gunnar Haslam's latest EP for the Bunker.

by David Garber
Mar 17 2017, 8:05pm

HOT Mix: Mike Servito (left), Justin Cudmore (middle), and Gunnar Haslam (right) at Movement 2016 in Detroit.

I think a wise person once said something like "those who remix each other's acid tracks, stay together," and clearly the Brooklyn trifecta of Gunnar Haslam, Mike Servito, and Justin Cudmore—a.k.a Hot Mix—know this is a credo to live by. The partnership of sorts started back in 2016, when both Servito and Haslam—two established luminaries of the local techno scene—lent their talents to respective remixes of "Crystal," relative newcomer Justin Cudmore's breakout record for Honey Soundsystem.

Now, the tables have been slightly rearranged as it's Haslam with a new original—an EP for NYC's The Bunker by the name of Scale No Flam—and the rest of the gang on remix duties. While the A-side is riddled with Haslam's headbanging original, the flip features Servito and Cudmore collaborating for their slightly more subdued "Bass Shift Mix." Toning town the intensity of Haslam's offering, the pair add a spread of syncopated rhythms among the record's acidic noodling that the that label themselves describe as "angular funk." Whatever it is, it's another massive beat from a trio that continues to pique our interest. Check it out below alongside the original, and head to Bandcamp to grip a copy.

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