Jeff Mills Releases Final 12" Cut From His Second Documentary

Exhibitionist 2: Part 3 captures a Jeff Mills live set in Leiden, Netherlands

Jan 21 2016, 9:52pm

If you're Jeff Mills and you shoot a documentary about yourself, you're going to have a banging soundtrack. Last year, Mills did make a documentary about himself; he also put together its soundtrack, which he released on vinyl in phases over the course of six months. Now the last of those curated cuts will soon be available in stores.

In September 2015, Detroit's iconic techno pioneer released Exhibitionist 2, a documentary charting the ins-and-outs of Mills' art. While Exhibitionist 2 was a follow-up to Exhibitionist, an earlier release with similar intentions—putting cameras in front of Mills' equipment and keeping the viewers focus on Mills's nimble knobbing—Exhibitionist 2 went a bit further. Over 120 minutes, Mills gives us an insider's peek into just how he mixes and composes from scratch. Joining him for brief segments are drummer, Skeeto Valdez, and modern dancer, Pierre Locket.

As part of the promotional campaign for Exhibitionist 2, Mills announced the release of three 12" records cut tracks created for the documentary. Exhibition 2: Part 1 was released in June; Part 2 in September. Now Axis Records, the label that put out the entire series, have announced the final part of the triptych.

Exhibitionist 2: Part 3 was recorded at a live performance in Leiden, Netherlands in February 2015. Highlights from that set are divided into four distinct parts that sound as finely tuned and crisply produced as a studio release.

Exhibitionist 2: Part 3 will be released on January 22 with Axis Records. Watch a trailer for the Exhibitionist 2 documentary below.

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