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Check out a Track from Matias Aguayo and DJ Spoko's 'Dirty Dancing' EP Featuring Elbee Bad

We've got the world exclusive first listen to "Something About the Groove," an elasticated slapper from the duo's debut EP on Cómeme​.

by Josh Baines
Jan 25 2017, 4:12pm

Matias Aguayo cemented his place in history on the April 6, 2002. That was, you'll no doubt remember, the epochal day when Kompakt records released After Love, the only album Aguayo recorded with former collaborator Dirk Leyers as Closer Musik. After Love was and still is an unmitigated masterpiece—a monolithic slab of icy-blue sadlad house that left clubbers weepy-eyed with delight at after-parties all around the world.

The Chilean producer's cheered up since then, and has gone on to have a far more bouncy and buoyant solo career, dropping upbeat (and very well received) albums on Kompakt and his own Cómeme imprint. His most recent venture is a collaboration with South Africa's DJ Spoko, AKA the originator of the "Bacardi House" scene. The result, a four-track 12" titled Dirty Dancing, is the most fun we've had in 2017 so far. Alright, I know that's like saying lying on a bed of nails is more fun than sleeping in a rat-infested coffin while Ant and Dec jeer at you, but trust us on this: you'll be wanting to grab it as soon as it drops on Cómeme on the 24th of February.

To get you in the mood we thought we'd let you have an exclusive listen to a track from the EP. "Something About the Groove" is as cheeky as you'd expect from Aguayo at this point his career. He and Spoko teamed up with "the Prince of Dance" Elbee Bad—who wrote and sang the lyrics on the track and it's lithe as anything, it's an elasticated slapper of a record, a rolling and roiling affair, riding along on a Baikal-deep bassline that sounds determined to lift you into zero-gravity.

Let it take you away right now.

Dirty Dancing by Spoko & Aguayo is out on Cómeme on the 24th of February.

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