Portland Bar Receives Support and Attacks After Kicking Out 'Nazis'

"We raise our glasses and toast our staff who do an excellent job of taking care of our patrons yet do not tolerate these idiotic behaviors."

by Nick Rose
Mar 22 2017, 9:20pm

Things are only escalating two weeks after the staff of a Portland bar kicked a group of "national socialists" out of their establishment.

Video of the incident emerged last week, showing a man in a red "Make America Great Again" baseball cap arguing with staff and going on a rant about anti-semitism and "fake Jews."

Not captured on video, according to Willamette Week, was the group of drinkers telling the staff of the Lucky Lab that they were "socialists—national socialists" and admitting to leaving white supremacist recruitment materials in the bar. One of the men, thought to be neo-Nazi James L. "Jimmy" Marr, was also loudly playing bagpipes (a Marr trademark) outside of the Lucky Lab.

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