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Music by VICE

ViLLAGE Goes Genre-Splicing on His New Remix

He's cooked up Vault's "Lifespan" into something even more immersive.

by THUMP Staff
Aug 13 2014, 6:10pm

All this genre-splicing skit is getting crazy. Take Vault's "Lifespan" for instance, which we'd conservatively describe as, like, Tokyo-folk, which has now been given an uplifting, immersive remix from ViLLAGE.

If you haven't seen the name ViLLAGE, you may recognise his sounds - from remixing Lana Del Rey to releasing a debut EP called Takeover - which have been scattered all across the internet. He's also teamed up with Kitsuné to release a track, "The Touch".

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