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Watch the Trailer for a New Footwork Documentary from Two British Filmmakers

The directors came up documenting East London's grime scene—and they say the similarities between footwork and early grime are unmistakable.

by VICE Thump
Oct 10 2014, 7:13pm

Stretch your calves—a new documentary on Chicago's thriving footwork scene is coming this month. UK filmmakers Tim and Barry's new project, I'm Tryna Tell Ya', is made up of footage shot during a 2012 trip to Chicago—including interviews with footwork originator RP Boo (who THUMP profiled last year), the late DJ Rashad, ghetto house and juke legend Traxman, and Hyperdub/Teklife artist DJ Spinn. 

Tim and Barry made their names documenting the British underground—particularly East London's grime scene—since the early 2000s. The creative duo have also directed music videos for Tempz and D Double E, photographed stars like M.I.A. and Dizzee Rascal, and run a Boiler Room-style live-streaming party called Just Jam. 

In fact, I'm Tryna Tell Ya' got started when footwork pioneers DJ Rashad and Spinn came on Just Jam, and invited Tim and Barry back to Chicago to film them creating beats. They instantly saw footwork's connection to the spirit of early grime. "We were just blown away by what was there. The relationship between dancers and producers was so close, working together so tightly, it was like the relationship between MCs and producers in the early days of grime, just really exciting," they said in a press release. 

Watch the trailer for I'm Tryna Tell Ya', which is due later this month, below. And while you're at it, peep THUMP's own mini-doc, Making Tracks: Chicago Footwork. 

Michelle Lhooq is the Features Editor of THUMP - @michellelhooq

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