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THUMPday Jams: Kim Brown, Nile Rodgers, Claude VonStroke, and More!

It's the weekly roundup of new singles to get you through the hump.

by THUMP Staff
Jul 3 2014, 12:35am

THUMP helps you get through Hump Day with a round-up of the hottest singles of the week. This week features: Kim Brown, Nile Rodgers, Claude VonStroke, Miss Modular and more. 

Kim Brown: "Other People's Space" [NeedWant]
I both Need and Want this new EP from Berlin's Kim Brown— if vibes were an Olympic sport these guys would be repeat medalists. —Joel Fowler (@freemagic)

Popeska: "Bang On Some Shit" [Kindergarten Recordings]
The ATL-based producer is promising a (free) new tune every day this month and if the rest of July has as many exciting drop-inverting hooks this techy mainstage jam, we're in for some fun this summer. —Zel McCarthy (@ZelMcCarthy)

Technimatic: "Not a Perfect Love" [Shogun Audio]
This tune gave me nostalgia for a life I never lived: It's 1997, I'm sitting on a stoop outside of a council estate in East London, drinking a Ribena and having a fag. It's raining. I'm broke. Everything is shit. In fact, the only good things about life are tunes like this and doner kebabs. —Jemayel Khawaja(@JemayelK)

Miss Modular: "Earplug" [Her Records]
This track is way too dark, and way too good. —Dylan Coburn

Dpat & Atu: "Nothing Here" [Soulection]
This song is as smooth as almond butter. It feels like the early 2000s are slowly exploding in my ears —Eli Handler (@notelihandler)

Slam Skillet: "Impala"
NYC upstart Slam Skillet just dropped this standout synth-laced tech heater that carries just the slightest touch of Night Slugs—put it on repeat and escape into the South London basement of your mind.  —Gabriel Herrera (@gabrielherrera)

Claude VonStroke: "EYE I EYE" [Dirtybird]
I've been listening to live sets from The String Cheese Incident for nearly seven hours straight, so I knew my weekly pick needed to be something a bit, well—psychedelic. Is it your eye? My eye? The third eye? Who knows. This shit bangs. —David Garber (@DLGarber)

Nile Rodgers: "Do What You Want to Do" [Cr2 Records]

The disco legend has recently lent a hand to Disclosure, Avicii and Daft Punk, but now the dreadlocked genius is back with his very own sunshiny tune. It was recorded last summer at Ibiza's International Music Summit and auctioned off to benefit Rodgers' We Are Family Foundation. Cr2 Records, the big winners, will officially release the track on August 10. In the meantime we have this colorful video bringing disco back.  —Lauren Schwartzberg (@LaurSchwar)
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