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How To Make Your Own Food Molds Out Of Anything Within Arm's Reach

Regular food shapes are boring. Time for an upgrade.

by Abdullah Saeed
Oct 16 2012, 10:30pm

Here at The Creators Project we rarely, if ever, talk about food. And it’s not that we have anything against food, it’s just that, well, it has absolutely nothing to do with anything we deal in and there is absolutely no reason for us to discuss it. When we thought about it, it occurred to us that these how-tos that we write are equally irrelevant and useless! So when we came across a great new way to make food molds, we thought, “Why the hell not?”

That’s right, now you can shape just about any malleable food into your favorite shape, and they can even get pretty detailed. In the last 24 hours I’ve made banana pudding in the shape of a banana, chocolates in the shape of a Bic lighter, and burger patties in the shape of my cat’s face. Man, did my cat hate having his face molded! It was so traumatic that he’s been napping ever since. But he’ll forgive me when he wakes up any day now to a mound of soft cat food in the shape of his own face.

Making your own molds can be massive, ridiculous amounts of fun, but it can also be dangerous if you make your molds out of any old thing. Makezine took the advice of Smooth-on and recommends Equinox 36, and we’re passing on that recommendation because we truly don’t know any better. Seriously, I was making molds out of Post-it notes and super glue before I learned this.

So let’s do this.

First take whatever item you want to make food in the shape of and press it into a fistful of this Equinox 36 goop. Press it in there real good.

Now pull that sucker out of there. Whoa! Which one is the original and which is the copy? Which one do I shoot?!?

In this case, you can pour chocolate into the mold and bake the whole shabang in one go because this stuff is BAKE SAFE. Did you hear me? BAKE SAFE.

But! We don’t want you thinking that it ends with coins. Below is just a small sampling of the items you can turn into molds!

Your keys!

This antler!

A wrench!

This belt buckle which bears the mostly true statement “Rodeo: #1 American Sport”!

These classic action figures of Kevin Costner from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (any food that you shape in this mold will come out tasting like walnuts for some reason! It’s a great mystery!)

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