No Era Penal: Two Years Ago A Mexican Hero Was Born and He's Been Fighting the Good Fight Ever Since

This man has been unwavering for two years and is a true hero.

by Sean Newell
Jun 29 2016, 3:00pm

Two years ago today, Arjen Robben did what Arjen Robben does and theatrically flopped his way into a penalty kick during stoppage time that ousted Mexico from the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. That moment birthed a movement among Mexico supporters with a simple three-word slogan: "no era penal." And that movement gave rise to an honest-to-God hero: @Josesomor26. Mr. PulpoMOr has 3,855 tweets and at least 730 of them have been directed at the Dutch national team, Mexican national team, and FIFA Twitter accounts, and note the time since the Robben penalty was given and the phrase, "no era penal."

@Josesomor26 has literally tweeted this message to those accounts once a day for two straight years. To wit, this was today:

And yesterday:

And the day before that:

Before that? Si era tweet.

Literally pick a random date within the past two calendar years out of a hat. October 27, 2015? Let's check:

Bring Your Child to Work Day, 2016?

Christmas 2015:

One year ago today:

He used to be a bit more diverse in his tweeting, but now it is almost entirely "No era penal." Just look at this:

I can keep doing this! But I won't because I lack the intestinal fortitude of @Josesomor26, and I believe I have proven my point regardless: @Josesomor26 for President.

h/t Reddit