SuperFan draws inspiration from his surroundings. That might be fellow fans. It might be comic books. It might be a bounty hunter he saw on a television show. His extreme love for the color blue remains consistent.

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Sep 26 2016, 8:30pm


SuperFan draws inspiration from his surroundings. That might be fellow fans. It might be comic books. It might be a bounty hunter he saw on a television show. He now has one of the most elaborate and ever-changing costumes around. His extreme love for the color blue remains consistent.

How did you fall in love with your team? What is your first memory around your NFL team?

I moved to Indianapolis in 1988 or '89 from Tennessee. In Tennessee we didn't have a football team. I love football, but I didn't have a special team, so I just picked up the Colts. That's my home team and I'm with them; that's my team. I like them, because they're my home team and I like their colors. Blue is my favorite color. It just went right along. My work color is blue, so it seems like I'm living in a blue world.

How, when, and why did you start dressing up, collecting, or becoming more than a regular ordinary fan?

I used to DJ. I'm a crazy guy. I used to dress up for gigs like a cowboy and other crazy stuff. When I went to my first game, I wore a big old football on my head. Just one of those crazy things. I put it on and it was a standout [so] I wore it to have fun. Then every time I went to a game I would put on something crazy until one day, I left the house to go tailgate and I saw a person wearing shoulder pads. I looked over at that and I thought, 'I want to wear a pair of shoulder pads'.

I found some, but they had a Raiders logo on them, so I covered that up with a cape. I put on my shoulder pads and cape and I went downtown. That was the beginning of SuperFan. That's how it all started.

I started walking the streets like that and tailgating like that. I walked all the tailgates. I would walk around in the suit to places like The Hoosier Dome. Back in the day, I would walk and talk to people to give them team spirit. And as the years went by I was always thinking of something crazier to wear. That's just how it evolved. Just like my love of sports, my love of the game. I just became the Colts SuperFan! I would drive out to rallies within my range. My range is 50 miles, because I have to come back most nights to work, so I tried to go anywhere between 50 to 60 miles out. I'd push it sometimes going as much as 70 miles when I knew I could make it back to Indianapolis that night.

What is your favorite NFL moment or team memory?

I mean the best one is when they won the Super Bowl, right? When they won their first Super Bowl we were just crazy. We were just like animals running through town with no guidance, just loose, and free. Nobody destroyed anything or anything like that. It was crazy, but it was cool. Actually, it was cold, but we didn't mind the cold; we were just running and having fun.

What distinguishes you from other fans of your team?

I'm not around a lot of other fans, but I have a lot of spirit. I just like doing things. I've been blessed with so much by this experience. When I became a SuperFan it wasn't to be somebody, it was just for the love of the game. I was trying to meet people and get out and have a good time, just to get to know other fans from other teams too. With my own fans it's just like a family. It's just plain love! I can't really explain it. It's just crazy. Some people can't even figure it out. They are like; " What are you supposed to be?" They all want to take a picture though. Even when they are fans of the opposing team. They're not supposed to even like Colts. But it's all good, you know?

How did you develop your costume / get your nickname / develop your Superfan persona?

Comic books and stuff like that. I just started putting everything together. I try taking pieces of everything, so if I see something like that bounty-hunter-guy on TV, I'll add earrings that hang down long. Then you've got all the other crazy fans. We see each other a lot. So if I see something I like I add it into the mix. I started trying new things. I wanted blue hair. Then once it was blue I started putting stuff in my hair and creating crazier and crazier sunglasses. I always pick a different pair for every game or event. I do have a bunch of sunglasses.

What is your favorite keepsake or piece of memorabilia?

Well I guess when I first started I used to wear a great big, old Colts helmet that I found at a flea market. It had this big grill on it. I'm still planning on trying to get more autographs on it if they can fit. Back in the day, I made sure to carry that thing everywhere I went so I could get autographs whenever I had a chance. Now it's just filled with autographs, but it's in the house. That's got great memories.

What is your game day ritual? How do you prefer to watch the game?

I get the weekends off, so I start Saturday night. I get up at 12am or 1 o'clock in the morning on game day. I drink coffee and start pulling out the stuff, chains and things. I might make something like a new sign. By 5 o'clock, I'm on my way. I don't like to eat too much on game day. I might eat a little something, but you're out, running around; socializing. So you don't want to feel too stuffed or want to be too wet; you don't want to be too thirsty, or too anything. You want to get out there in the mix!

Blue is my favorite color. It just went right along. My work color is blue, so it seems like I'm living in a blue world.

Most away games I like to watch at the house, but then sometimes I go out to watch at different clubs, or I may go downtown to the Colts Grill, or something like that. It's fun to watch the games at sports clubs or sports bars. It's great to go out and surprise people on the weekends. On a Friday night I'll just show up. People love it! Everybody knows me, because I'm SuperFan! I'll just take myself and get on out.

How does it feel to be known by your friends and peers as a die-hard fan?

It's really great, because I always hear people talk about that guy that's called SuperFan. That's a nice feeling, to have people talk about you with respect. I can put on a different outfit and they still know that I'm SuperFan. So that's really nice.

What is the best thing about your team?

The best thing about our team is that they are respectful and they've got a good attitude. They are my family. You know what they say, "One team one family." That's the way it is. United by one goal. So that's what I like about them. They do a lot of charity work too. That's really nice.

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