The Best Wearable Food Swag Gifts for 2016

From badass kitchen shoes to gold-plated shrimp necklaces, these sartorial selections and accessories will make you look good enough to eat.

Nov 22 2016, 12:00am


'Tis the season to give and get gifts. But why stick to stale candy canes stuck in a stained mug that says "World's #2 Dad" when you could get something that, well,
suck? To wit, we here at MUNCHIES have tirelessly racked our greasy brains to compile the best food-related gifts on planet Earth, and quite possibly the universe. Behold, The MUNCHIES Holiday Gift Guide.


Kawaii Cellphone Case

These kawaii AF phone covers protect your precious device and look like adorable tricked-out frosted cookies. Get you a case that can do both. ($40)

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Flex Chef Pants

Because we all know navigating around the kitchen in skinny jeans is hellish, and sometimes it's just not appropriate to cook in your underwear. Like if you work in a restaurant. These are super-stretchy and ventilated all over, perfect for slaving over a hot stove safely. ($85)

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Contra Waxed Cotton Chef Aprons

A perfect apron for achieving ideal functionality and flyness. Washable washed cotton means that you can get messy in the kitchen without soiling your clothes or your apron. ($85)

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SFC Kitchen Shoes

Whether you're more of a high-top guy or are looking for something a little less punk, SFC's non-slip shoes will keep you sturdy in the kitchen but would look equally at home at the skate park. ($52.98–$64.98)

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MOZO The Natural Kitchen Shoes

Cushioned, skid-free, and water-resistant sneakers that are perfect for kitchen use. One happy Amazon customer agrees—"I'd challenge anyone to a dish room deathmatch in 3 inches of water wearing these shoes." ($89.95)

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Pintrill Food Pins

Pintrill has a surprisingly wide range of food-related pins—from our favorite fruits (da butt peach) to . Now that we've seen these, it's safe to say that no outfit is complete without tiny enamel (prices vary)

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BACTrack Vivo Smartphone Keychain Breathalyzer

Stay safe (or wasted as you wanna be) with this breathalyzer keychain that connects to your smartphone. It'll even call an Uber for you if you're above the BAC limit. Also, this makes for a fun bar trick. ($69.99)

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Tattly Vegetables Tattoo Set

If you're not ready to go full-Sean Brock with a sleeve or neck full of vegetable ink, you can start off easy with this set of temporary tats. Oh, and there's an eggplant, so choose your placement wisely. ($15 for a set of eight)

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Sterling Silver Sushi Knife Necklace

A sweet piece of bling for a culinary school grad, or maybe someone who just really fuckin' loves omakase. ($76)

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Gold-Plated Shrimp Necklace

This one's for your friend who won't stop talking about the time they out-ate you at Endless Shrimp on that dark day at Red Lobster. You won, OK?! ($81.63)

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