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How Eero Solved My Crummy Home Wi-Fi Problems

Wireless frustration is a thing of the past.

by Chris Brantner
Jan 1 2017, 2:00pm

Image: Eero

One of the things in home technology that has struggled to adapt has been wireless internet routers. No matter how new your router is or how fast your internet might be, it seems like you'll always run into issues like dead spots or the loss of internet access requiring a full reboot.

Eero claims to have the answer to these problems. Eero's solution is a Wi-Fi system intended to fix all the normal problems of wireless routers and offer higher performance throughout your entire house or office.

It's a grandiose claim, but if it can solve the problem of shaky in-home WiFi, it might be worthy of an investment. So I got my hands on three units and put them to the test. Let's take a look at the Eero wireless system.

What do you get with an Eero?

When you buy the Eero you can buy it as a one, two, or three-pack. The units have a nice design to them, so they won't be an eyesore in your home. With multiple units, one works as a base connected to your internet source and the others will work to extend the service throughout the house.You can add up to seven Eero units in total, although Eero suggests that three units will work for most homes.

How do you set an Eero up?

You set up the Eero through its mobile application via an Android or Apple device. It's a little unusual, but this is the only way to set it up, so if you don't have access to either device you're currently out of luck.

The app will quickly walk you through the entire setup process of the initial unit. If you're adding another unit, all you need to do is put the new unit next to the original Eero and select "Add Eero" on the mobile app.

During the setup there were a couple things we noticed. For whatever reason, we had some initial difficulties connecting a phone to the Wi-Fi. Also, we found gaming devices, specifically a PS4, ran much better when connected to the Eero directly through an Ethernet cable.

Does it do anything more than Wi-Fi Extension?

The Eero includes multiple features, some that come with many routers like WPA2 encryption security, but also several others that set the Eero apart. First, the setup truly is a breeze and once it's running you never actually need to do a manual reboot. In fact, the Eero is constantly checking your network and will reboot itself if it finds any connection issues. Other features are customizable parental controls and an easy ability to allow guests to sign in by simply sending a text through the mobile app.

How much does the Eero Cost?

The Eero does not come cheap but I believe it's worth the $199 price tag for a single unit. The three-pack, which is ideal for homes with dead spots or connectivity issues, costs $499. It's not for someone on a shoestring budget, but is a great investment for someone who truly cares about their internet quality.

Is the performance really that great?

I gave the Eero a test run and for the most part was incredibly impressed. For a bit of background, I had trouble getting service in my back office at home. Speeds lagged, and I was resetting my router once or twice a day.

But since I set up Eero in my home, my issues are gone. I haven't had to reset the system once. And I'm getting the full internet speed I'm paying for, which means I can get work done, stream Netflix, or whatever.

The only downside I'd say is that I seem to be having trouble connecting my smartphone to the Eero network. This is an issue I'll be contacting customer support over shortly.

My biggest takeaway from my Eero experience is that it seems to live up to its claims. It isn't cheap, but doesn't pretend to be a discount wireless router offering like many other options on the market. Instead, it succeeds at solving the issues most face with traditional routers. Between the performance, extra features, and ease of use, the Eero is worth checking out should you have any issues with Wi-Fi performance in your home or office.