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Here's a Baby Back Rib Recipe You Can Make in Your Oven

If a summer storm interferes with your barbecue plans, this recipe for juicy baby back pork ribs can be made inside with a regular oven.

by Munchies Staff
Aug 29 2017, 10:00pm

Photo via Flickr user Su-Lin

Summer is a wonderful but temperamental season, as hot and cold fronts can lock horns over your backyard barbecue.

But! You can still have that rack of baby back ribs without having to go outside. This recipe calls for roasting the dry-rub pork ribs in the oven, but you'll still get the tender and sweet stickiness of summertime ribs.

MAKE IT: Dry-Rub Oven Baby Back Pork Ribs

Use whatever spices you have in the amount that you want. Anything goes! Today you're skipping the tarragon but then going all BAM with the cayenne because you want to feel as hot as it looks outside.

It's cool; if the temperature drops again, just hit a Netflix binge with ribs in hand and bring that sunshine inside, where it's always a pantsless rib party.