Watch a Kenyan Official Almost Blow Himself Up with 10 Tons of Bootleg Liquor

Reminder: Alcohol plus fire equals boom. A Kenyan governor learned the hard way that blowing up liquor will get you more bang than you bargained for.

by Munchies Staff
Jul 10 2015, 2:15pm

In a display reminiscent of the Indonesian government's decision to blow up illegal fishing ships in an effort to dissuade the region's poachers, Governor William Kabogo of the Kenyan city of Kiambu recently decided it would be a wonderful idea to set 10 metric tons of bootleg alcohol on fire.

Yes, alcohol—which, yes, is highly flammable.

Can you guess what happened next?

Yup, the whole pile blew the fuck up.

Mere moments after the governor approached the pile of confiscated homebrew with a flaming torch, he and a crowd of onlookers fled the instantaneous explosion that anyone familiar with the chemistry of alcohol might've expected.

To Kabogo's credit, he and his staff are fighting a pernicious string of deaths linked to improperly produced alcohol, which can contain lethal methanol. The governor also claims that six people have died from alcohol withdrawal in local hospitals in the past week. As the BBC reported earlier this month, at least 70 people died in the area around Kiambu last year due to illegal alcohol, which President Uhuru Kenyatta has called "killer brew."

In an effort to crack down on highly popular and inexpensive home-brew alcohol, the Kenyan government recently revoked the licences for bars and stores selling the stuff.

Setting it on fire, however, is still probably not a good idea. Stay in school, kids.