Matty Matheson's Doughnuts Are Too Good to Share with Trick-or-Treaters

What’s a little egg on your garage door if it means you don’t have to give these caramel glaze creations to a kid wearing a Star Wars costume?

Oct 30 2016, 2:00pm

The doughnut is many things to many people. To overworked cops, it's a sugary pick-me-up. To Danes, it's something you stuff with braised hare; and to Homer Simpson, a drool-inducing way of life.

But the doughnut isn't an object of fear. Who gets scared by squidgy carbs and rainbow sprinkles?

Someone who has witnessed Matty Matheson make gummy brain-topped doughnuts while wearing a leather harness, that's who. These Halloween-themed treats are freaky.

MAKE: Halloween Doughnuts

But they're also delicious and easy to make. Just form your dough using canola oil, eggs, yeast, and sugar before shaping into golf-ball sized blobs (don't forget the hole) and frying until golden brown.

It's up to you what you cover your doughnuts with—we've got caramel sauce, cinnamon-sugar, or the classic glaze. The tricky part is deciding on your toppings. Are you a rainbow worm or chocolate pretzel kind of guy? Maybe you like the dough/gummy false teeth combo? Pro tip: steer clear of the ball bearings.

When you're done decorating, Matty recommends giving your homemade doughnuts to trick-or-treaters to save getting your house egged.

We say keep them for yourselves. What's a little yolk on your garage door if it means you don't have to share these caramel creations with a kid wearing a Star Wars costume?