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This is What Iowans Really Care About Ahead of the Caucus

Listen to Episode 10 of "Uncommitted: Iowa 2020" to hear how three Iowans are making their choice for who will be the 2020 Democratic nominee.

by Ashley Cleek
Jan 28 2020, 6:39pm

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IOWA — We’ve spent a lot of time in Iowa, talking to candidates and people. And we keep hearing that this year is about two things.

First: which candidate can beat President Trump. And second: where candidates fall on a few fundamental issues that have come to define our country, including climate change, immigration, the rising cost of going to college, and health care.

For episode 10 of VICE News podcast, “Uncommitted: Iowa 2020,” which drops Tuesdays on Spotify, host Antonia Hylton reintroduces us to three Iowans who all plan to caucus for very different reasons.

There’s Laura Hubka, an ultrasound technician and Democratic party chair in Howard County, a rural area that flipped the most dramatically from voting for President Obama in 2008 and 2012 to President Donald Trump in 2016. Hubka’s on a mission to figure out why her neighbors voted for Trump and what, if anything, could bring them back to the Democratic party.

We’ll also spend time with 20-year-old Chris Simmons, who’s angry that the cost of his state school keeps going up, and is looking to the Democratic candidates promising to erase student debt or make public colleges tuition-free.

And finally, we’ll re-meet Latasha Deloach, a community advocate and social worker focused on black maternal health. Deloach wonders if this election cycle will bring about real change for her and her community — or if candidates are just pandering for the black vote.

Cover: Signs for a number of different candidates are staked in the lawn outside of a home in Des Moines, Iowa, on January 25, 2020. (Photo by STEPHEN MATUREN/AFP via Getty Images)

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