Gordon Holden's Photos Create Memories You've Never Had

The photographer's work resembles moments you barely remember from dreams you can't figure out. One of them is a picture of a dog with its head in a box.

Most dreams tend to have major attachment issues. You wake up and the details are gone. Your mind leaves you one sole image of the world you’d been floating around in all night, until that too falls away when you start washing your face and worrying about vastly screwing up at work for the sixth day in a row.

All of the photos Gordon Holden just sent us look like they could be one of those transitory mental images. Freeze-frames from a movie you’ve never actually seen, or snapshots of a memory you never even had. Mind you, that could just be us; Gordon titled the set CAREFREE, and described the process of looking at them as a “means of discovery through reflection." He even included a link to the Rod Stewart song "Every Picture Tells a Story," though we don't want to assume the track offers any extra insight into his work.

So take from that what you will.

Gordon is also an artist and product designer. If you are on the hunt for fun T-shirts and customized skateboards, you might wanna try this and this if you live in the UK. And if you're not, take a look at the gallery above as well as his website and blog because his work is beautiful.