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Frankies Spuntino

A hazy-eyed pizza tour of Brooklyn with the mystic meatballerinos of Frankies Spuntino.

by VICE Staff
Feb 6 2010, 12:00am

VBS traveled to Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, to meet the classically trained mystic meatballerinos behind the Frankies Spuntino empire. We’ll say here and now that chef/owners Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo are two of the kindest, most easygoing gents around, and that if by some insane and sad chance you don’t know their food or faces by now we’re pretty proud to be the ones making introductions. The meatballs they serve—and which are prepared for you here—are done with such mother-like care and affection you’re going to feel like a total asshole for being too busy to give the people you love more attention. They’re that good. Also, before you ask: No, we won’t be disclosing whether or not we ended up completely creamed by the mind-warbling cigarettes alluded to at various times in this episode—or even that they actually existed. We’ll say only that there were all kinds of delightfully reeky memories rising up from the clothes on our floor the next morning. Enjoy.

Frankies Spuntino
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