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The No Photos Issue

Twotom Likes Smiles Even More Than Penises

Vice: Your stuff is supergay. Who are all the handsome boys in your drawings?

by Tony Cederteg
Nov 2 2008, 12:00am


Vice: Your stuff is supergay. Who are all the handsome boys in your drawings?

They’re my friends and they all live in TwoTom Utopia. They say hello to you!

Oh my. I thought maybe they were your S&M butt buddies.

Honestly I’ve never been to an S&M club or anything of that kind. It’s not my thing, at least not when it comes to my sex life.

What’s up with the bunny boys then?

I wanted to make some funny and sexy boys in bondage for a black-and-white drawing. Then I drew bunny ears on one of them and realized it was a good combination so I stuck with it.

Has anyone ever not liked your stuff?

A good friend got all weirded out when I showed her my Too Shy Bunny Boys calendar. She said, “You draw well, but I get bad energy from them, they look like mean guys!” I was shocked by her reaction. My bunny boys are so friendly! They’re totally enjoying life, wearing costumes, and playing with sex toys with their friends. They’re happy and smiling!

Is everyone gay in your world?

Yes, even my neighbors. I live in this dirty old building in Paris that’s about to be torn down so the only people left are two old brothers and me. They’ve been living on the second floor for over 20 years. One day I came home in the middle of the night and walked in on the two of them fucking. That kind of thing happens quite often, but they’re really nice to me so I don’t mind. 

Did you move to Paris from Japan because you’re gay and Paris is gay?

I wanted to get out of Japan and I loved the fashion culture in Paris. I wanted to learn French, be chic, and meet boys. So I went to fashion school first, then I started my own clothing brand.

What’s your favorite thing to draw?

When I was a kid I really liked to draw girls dressed up as princesses with big ribbons in their hair. Now I only draw boys. Romantic boys, innocent boys, perverted boys, sexy boys, and bad boys.

Do you have a favorite artist, gay or nay?

There’s an American artist who really inspires me named Jared Buckhiester. He draws subtle queer sceneries in photorealistic suburban environments. I really love his work. It reminds me of Harmony Korine’s Gummo. It has the same kind of vibe to it. And then of course Tom of Finland—he is the God of gay art. I was so excited when I first found his work, I remember strolling around in Paris smiling and laughing. That was ten years ago when I first moved to Paris. Back in Japan I lived in the countryside and had no gay friends so I had no chance to get to know that kind of art.

What do you love about Tom of Finland?

I find his work poetic and very romantic. The guys look so happy to be gay. I especially like that their faces are sexy yet still sweet. I don’t need that much dick in my fantasies. I just want happy faces.

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